“Poor play car rich watch”, luxury watches have always been regarded as a symbol of successful people’s self-worth. Rolex high imitation watch style. Of course, one of the labels on the watch is “successful men”, and IWC even shouts the slogan “Only for men”!

However, I feel that my views have not been established in today’s society and society!!! Every man has the right to pursue his favorite items. Of course, tens of thousands of millions of luxury items are beyond the reach of most people, thus extending another industry chain re-enactment watch, of course, most people The feeling that the re-enactment is still not recognized is fake, and it will never become true. It is not a matter of excusing here. After all, it is difficult to adjust life. Here, you only want to detoxify and play for most people. After all, only a few people can buy precious metals.

Linnich, Rolex

Rolex classic size, 40MM, and the previous black and green water ghost, the Pepsi circle. Sapphire crystal, bubble calendar display, the third round of the polished material on the black disk surface + calendar display + GMT pointer, the outer ring is not aluminum, but the real ceramic. Generally, we all know.

One problem with the outer ring of aluminum alloy is that it will fade after a long time, and the ceramic completely solves this problem. The enamel case, the five-bead chain, and the enamel clasp are all very classic design elements.

Of course, men’s watches can also be colorful.

The black background always highlights the dazzling light. In addition to the originality of the appearance, in fact, Rolex has not changed much in the essence of so many years, this Di Tong chronograph has brought us a different visual enjoyment based on the preservation of the traditional classic genes.

40mm size, sapphire mirror, black dial with 8 VVS diamond scales, revealing a noble atmosphere. The color of the three chronograph discs contrasts with the black dial and complements the color of the jewels with a glamorous reflective effect.

Most people are used to discussing “watches” and “jewels” separately. In fact, they are inseparable. Many international brands, they are occupying these two channels, and they all have the strength to take the lead.

From them, we not only see the financial strength of the international capital group but also see their history as a century-old brand, unique craftsmanship, adherence to the style of the original and the vitality of creative ideas.

Jewelry and watches require the spirit of craftsmanship, and the perfection of each link can build up a masterpiece that can be invested and collectible. This is also the essence of why these brands with historical origins are endless.