Rolex is a household name in China. Everyone who wants to use Rolex has to give a thumbs up. It’s a topic that Rolex has to talk about. In 1905, Mr. Hans Wilsdorf founded a watch brand called “Wilsdorf & Davis”, and in 1908 Mr. Hans registered the trademark “ROLEX” in Switzerland. The source of the Rolex name is interesting. It is easier for consumers to read and easier to remember.

And Rolex is probably the first luxury watch brand to enter China. It can be seen that Rolex values ​​the Chinese market very much. I believe that many people’s impressions of Rolex are probably from Hong Kong movies. Hong Kong people love to wear watches and love Rolex. The last century is the era. Many Hong Kong films have Rolex figures, and they are still the favorite watch of the black bosses and nouveau riches. So many people still think that Rolex will think of soil, which is the reason for the first impression.

Xiao Bian’s first impression of Rolex was the movie “Young and Dangerous” that I saw when I was young. The pheasant gave him a Rolex as a toll to run the road, and the pheasant later sold the watch and bought a fake. I still remember that the slap shot flew the picture, full of memories…

That is to say, since the 1990s in China, Rolex has appeared in various imitations, but the quality is very general, so there will be an embarrassing situation in which a shot is taken. With the development of the times, China’s folk technology is also constantly improving, and Rolex’s imitation market is in full swing. Nowadays, the most popular brand of folk imitation is non-Rolex, and it is also a very successful brand.

The folk copy of Rolex is not only popular in the country, but also exported to overseas, and the fruit is very fond of this. So do you know that high imitation Rolex is so popular?

1. Rolex status is high

There is such a “hidden rule” in the watch circle. It must be a rich person to wear Rolex. This is a recognized point. If you wear a Rolex, others will definitely look at you. Coupled with the popularity of Rolex in the country, no one knows, it is a must-have for men!

2, the real watch can not buy

We all know that Rolex watches have a lot of popular styles, and in the market are basically a state of hard to find, such as Green Water Ghost and Panda Di, talking about these two watches really let our friends love and hate, The price increase is serious, and the most important thing is that it is difficult to buy! The probability that such a watch can be simple in a counter is less than 10%. I believe many watch friends say that their own watch economy is also a bitter tear…

It’s good to say that this is the Rolex marketing work, but in fact, this is the Rolex marketing that Rolex is best at. The more the speculation is, the faster the price will rise. In short, it is difficult to buy, which also makes Many watch fans had to look at the high imitation table.

3, the degree of simulation

Although it is a high imitation Rolex, it must be said that today’s fake Rolex work is too superb. Especially today’s replica-level Rolex, even if the cover is not opened, even the watchmaker is helpless. Otherwise, I won’t often read the news to say who has spent tens of thousands of buying a fake Rolex. Rolex is a brand with a long history in China. It can be said to be the most popular imitation watch. Mature craftsmanship has made many watches fans Marvel at it.

Of course, unless you want to choose to be like Rolex, the way to buy genuine must be reliable, remember not to be greedy and cheap, be careful to be deceived.

4, cost

This point is relative. Perhaps everyone’s views are different. Xiaobian just elaborates on his own views.

For example, Green Water Ghost and Panda Di, their public prices are 70,000 and 95,000, respectively, but these two watches are called the most serious Rolex style, some time ago Panda Di has been fired to 130,000, and green water The ghost is 90,000 upwards. In the case of such a serious premium, many watch friends will feel worthless. After all, it is also a steel watch, but the price is so vain, let alone so hard to buy.

Besides, the high imitation Rolex, now the best replica version, such as Green Water Ghost and Di Tonga, is about two thousand. If it is just for understanding the poison, in fact, this kind of table is enough, not expensive, you can change Belt. Of course, everyone’s concept of consumption is different. I can’t generalize here. Ok, let’s talk about it here. If you are interested, you can share it in the comments.